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Digital Marketing In A Crisis

Digital Marketing In A Crisis

How much as the Covid pandemic changed our view of the world? Many things we thought were sacred, safe even, have been torn to shreds.

Businesses have had to change direction…pivot is the phrase being used, or die a slow painful death. Governments have had to borrow unprecedented sums, hundreds of billions, to keep economies from crashing. Economies look like they may crash anyway and conspiracy theorists expound that this is a much needed re-set to wipe out the Western World’s unsustainable national debts.

Just what is really going on?

There is no doubt that marketing has changed. They methods and the messages have changed beyond recognition. TV adverts reflect the “new reality” and people do too. They avoid each other in the street! But then on a Friday night when the young people are out, they party in defiance.

So, how do marketers, work out what messages should be sent and what methods should be used.

YouTube Marketing

You Tube has become vitally important in gaining access to the younger audience as YouTube celebrities command huge sums to promote via their channels. There are more teenage millionaires than ever. Get a following of over one million on YouTube and you can reckon on achieving income of $1/per subscriber/year.

But what messages are being sent to this audience. Gamers make the most of gaming information but are other messages being delivered? Where are these issues of defiance coming from? Are these spontaneous actions or messages coming from elicit marketing such as via YouTube. Marketing, for the most part, out of public (and official) scrutiny.

Mainstream Marketing

The mainstream is very much concerned with towing the official line and talking about how their brands can make us safer in the Covid-19 times. TV adverts now reflect the new situation as does mainstream media advertising such as newspapers and magazines.

This video talks about the changes in behaviour from the consumer perspective which of course, is vital information for every marketer.

So, plenty of things for marketers to be aware of in how they get their message to market.

We found this site that is really useful in terms of getting your marketing message right

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