Seven Days Make A Week | Julien van Havere
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Julien van Havere

— About

This is a selection of commissioned work, personal projects and everyday stuff I like.

Formerly this website was my Notebook, a daily exercice, published to increase creativity and accountability. You’ll find the archive here.

— Profile

I think design is a lifetime experience, it’s an everyday labor. It’s like brushing your teeth every morning, but harder.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Julien van Havere has made his way through self-teaching and passion for design. He has backgrounds in interior design, packaging and product design as Assistant Designer for Alain Berteau. And learned graphic design and webdesign at several well-known studio’s such as Hoet&Hoet, Codefrisko, …

He is currently working as AD Assistant at FELD, a Belgian furniture company.

He founded Graphic Design Everyday‘s network, a research and discussion platform focused on graphic design and visual culture.

— Contact

Feel free to contact me if you need or if you just want to say hello…