Seven Days Make A Week | An Overview of Search Engine Optimization
A look at the major factors which contribute to your position in ther search engines. SEO as it stands in mid 2020.
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What Is Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is called, is the process of managing your website to get the best possible position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

There are very definite things you can do to enhance your position in the search results. Most are good practice, some are not totally in line with Google’s terms, sometimes termed “grey hat”, some are evil (“black hat”) and will get you de-indexed if you get caught.

Most good SEOs know where the lines are drawn and what you can and can’t do. Let’s have a look at what you can do to effectively optimise your website and pages.

A Word About Google

Before I get into SEO properly, a quick word about Google.

Google’s stated aim is to provide the best possible search results for their customers (the people who are searching). They couple this with their slogan “Do No Evil”. Now, without wishing to diss Big G, I think the shareholder profits and living the pockets of Sergy and Brin are probably just as important. And with revenues in the billions per quarter, Google are more interested in big brands than small business. o, sometimes you have to be a little bit cute in how yuo appraoch SEO.

Their last webmaster blog post was quite explicit that brand is important in ranking factors.

The Algorithm

But, the one thing you really need to know is that the Google algorithm is hugely advanced. They have an office the size of about 30 football fields full of the brightest minds and PhDs programming the thing. It is always going to do what Google want it to do. Amd, that is provide the results Google want it to provide.

For example, the medic update of about 18 months ago ensured that no-one but people qualified to talk on medical subjects could get ranked on subjects that affected health. They did the same on finance. Want to rank for financial advice? Well, if you are not a bone fide and acredited financvial adviser and can prove yourself to be so, you ain’t ranking – Q.E.D

The bootm line is, it’s Google’s ball either you play by their rules or you don’t play.

So, what can you do?

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all of the things that you can physically do on your own website or webpage to “tell” Google what your page is all about.

Here’s Derek Armson from Authority Digital doing a webclass about On-Page SEO.

So, as you can see optimising your on-page factors is not that difficult.

Off-Page SEO

Off page SEO tends to be a little more involved.

Of course backlinks are still important and there are many ways you can achieve this, such as:-

  • Guest Posts
  • PBN Links
  • Social Media
  • Wikipedia
  • Restored Sites
  • Out Reach
  • Link Exchanges

But you do have to be careful about how you appraoch these issues. Google sees a backlink to your site as a vote for the content. If someone links to youj, it follows that your content must be worth linking to in Google’s eyes.

But, you can gain links for links sakes, whioch is where Private Blog Networks come in. These are sites built specifically for the purpose of gaining backlinks.

technically against Big G’s terms, if you are going to emp[loy this tactic it MUST be done right and your PBN site absolutely must operate as a proper bona fide site. You need to ensure no two sites in your network have the same hosting and everything is unique!


The best way to achieve great rankings is to provide good, useful and engaging content.

This blog post is a great example of good content. Useful, informative and media rich (images, video etc). It will engage the visitor and the longer they stick around the better indication it is to the search companies that you are providing quality content.

Indeed, the length of time a visitor spends on your site and how they engage with it is now one of the biggest ranking factors that Google looks at.

So, there you have an overview of SEO as it stands in 2020. I hope you found that useful.

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